Volunteer Risk Management – Is it on the Radar

9 Feb

What is your biggest challenge with regards to risk management? Lori Gotlieb – Volunteer Management Best Practices network – Bruce Summers’ response

Sometimes just getting Volunteer Risk Management or Risk Management on the Radar Screen. Lots of Directors and Chairs of Volunteers think about the “R’s”


I always added the other two “R’s”
-Risk Management and
-Relationship Building

Executive Directors and Volunteer Engagement Directors need focus on identifying and mitigating risk factors early on, then review and update relevant policies and procedures regularly.

Classic example: at the American Red Cross many 9/11 disaster responders were very proud that Red Cross volunteers arrived on the scene relatively rapidly, on the other hand as the building collapsed (and I think destroyed one Red Cross emergency response vehicle), senior disaster leadership reinforced that the Red Cross protocols were to wait to be called in by the first responders – Police and Firefighters, since the Red Cross in principal does not want to put its volunteers or employees serving as disaster responders in harm’s way. The organization constantly reviews lessons learned from disaster and works towards remedying and mitigating risk.

Recommend Reading/Viewing:
No Surprises Volunteer Risk Management Tutorial – by Nonprofit Risk Management Center


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