Community of Practice (CoP) Strengthening

2 Oct

Worked with World Bank Task Teams this past Spring on Community of Practice (CoP) Strengthening. Ah hahs…
-It helps to have a “Core Team” working in tandem to fully engage strategic communities of practice. Solitary practice leaders too often become the narrow end of the funnel when they go on mission, take leave, or need to focus on competing priorities putting the momentum of the CoP at risk.
–It helps to have a regular dialogue with “sponsors”/higher level leaders or financial sponsors or strategic dialogue to ensure the CoP is connected to organizational mission and that potential barriers to engagement are mitigated, and to ensure that key resources are connected to the CoP and alligned with CoP endorese and sponsor endorsed objectives.
– It is often helpful to have a community connected (at least in part) to a collaboration platform.
– If task teams are focused on engaging external partners or development colleagues then it is useful to be more intentional in how the team and its partners work together to design focused collaborative member engagement activities.

How do you strengthen your CoPs and external partnerships? Example do you develop community “charters”; do you utilize a “core team”?


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