Senioritis Checklist – Parent Version – Updated 2.17.14

17 Feb

Yes, I think it is catching.  It’s just February and I think I am coming down with the parent version of high school senioritis. Below is a review of my checklist of symptoms.  I think I may have a mild case, but there is still a lot of senior year to go.

  • Yes – College Applications done, early action results back, ok she’s going to college
    • Yes – No longer checking the mail box each day for college promotional mail
    • But she is still waiting until late March or April to hear back from the other four.
    • Good news/bad news just six more weeks of waiting and pondering.
  • Yes – Trip to Barnes and Nobel to buy AP Study Guides
  • Financing the second child through college –
    • (In process – )Gathering and processing Tax records,
    • Yes – Completed CSS Profile X two,
    • Yes – Completed FAFSA X two,
    • What about scholarships, grants, and loans?
  • Band Concerts –
    • Yes – Last Marching Band Performance
    • Yes – Last District Band concert,
    • Yes – Last Winter Concerts
    • Run through for the State Assessment Concert.
    • Spring Band Trip
    • Last Spring Concerts
  • Who’s accepted offers from which colleges?
    • Yes – Great to get the news about her friends
    • Many are still waiting to hear
  • Getting up at 6 am every school day morning.
    • Yes – (? there are a few more weeks of winter) – Check if School is closed due to snow, extreme cold, is there a 2 hour delay…
    • Make sure my daughter is up, gets breakfast, pack lunch, then off to school.
    • Yes – Pondering what happens when I do not have to get up at 6 am to get a child off to school for the first time in 8 years, hmmm……….???
  • Graduation in June
    • Yes it is too early to send out announcement
    • Let’s get through AP tests first
    • Probably can wait a bit  to Put out the “Graduate” yard sign since no one will see it in the snow drifts
    • Sign up to volunteer for All-Night Grad Party
    • Yes – Reflect with spouse re: remember when she was little and…



5 Responses to “Senioritis Checklist – Parent Version – Updated 2.17.14”

  1. Jim February 17, 2014 at 10:27 am #

    That was last year. This year it’s the heck with FAFSA – never got a cent from all that bother.


  2. Jo Ann February 17, 2014 at 12:14 pm #

    Ahh! Now what’s next for you and the Mrs’s?



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