Save your photos (and stories) – what’s your plan?

19 Sep


 By Bruce Summers, Personal Historian, Summoose Tales

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If there is a Disaster?

Have you digitized and save a copy of those old original photographs?

10470996_790404720990480_8366463479178371138_n Robert Cogliati shows preserved images from Aunt Viola's photo album during Show and Tell10556411_790399767657642_307878364499328536_n Jane Summers at Show and Tell - Karen
As you/we get Older?

Who knows the stories, that provide captions and preserves the memories of loved ones long since deceased?

Have you  recorded the stories as digital voice recordings

Charles G. Summers, president 1865-1923

As our parents and friends Age?

Have you spent a few hours talking about lessons they have learned and

wisdom they can pass down from generations before them?

Mom and Bruce 2010

As our kids head off to College?

Do we know where to find those pre-school photos?

Katey's Birthday 2 032000
As technology and media for storing photos Evolve?

Have we preserved those old black and white photos, the 16 millimeter movies, the Korean War slides,

the old videos that can only be played in with a VCR?

IMG_2737IMG_4016 Korea Slides
Where and when did we go on that Vacation?

Remember the morning we got up to watch the sun rise?

20140827_07133120140827_065859 20140827_070949

What were those alpine wild flowers like?

Remember all the waterfalls we saw, and hiking up to the snow line?

20140826_135622 - Copy - Copy 20140826_135650 Wildflower Garden, Mount Ranier 20140826_144438 Wildflowers, Mount Ranier 20140826_144508 - Copy - Copy 20140826_120102 20140826_145338 20140827_071354 20140827_071405 20140827_071416 20140827_071434 20140827_071441

When our kids and grand kids ask us Questions?

When you want to know what is was like…

For your Dad or Mom growing up in their Hometown?
For your Dad or Mom during the War?

Thomas Stran Summers, president 1945-1951
For the relative who served in the Peace Corps?
To have friends on ships being bombed during World War II?

IMG_3231 Japanese planes attac HMAS Australia
For your Grandparents and Great-grandparents, Great-Aunts and Great-Great Uncles?

Charles G. Summers, Jr., president 1923-1945

I would love to hear more about how you are saving photos and memories? If you haven’t got a plan, today is a good day to start.



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