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Bearfence Mountain Hike – Jan. 14, 2018

16 Jan

My wife and I love to hike and take long walks. We both are on the lookout for new walks to explore.  Sometimes she discovers them, sometimes I find it first.  I was working my way north on Skyline Drive. I entered this section from US 33 at the Swift Run Gap entrance to the Shenandoah National Park.

I had not traveled many miles. I was taking my time on a beautiful winter day. I pulled into an overlook and saw a sign for the Bearfence Mountain Trailhead. There were two routes, both starting right across Skyline Drive.  I could see the steps. I thought I should check this out, it might be a good trek for us to walk in the Spring on our way to or from visiting our daughter in Charlottesville.

The photo tiles below tell the rest of the story.  I went up the stairs, crossed over the Appalachian Trail, then decided to see how the “Moderate” trail, with the Rock Scrambles over the Ancient Greenstone Lava Flows would be for our future hike together. Enjoy.


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