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Mother’s Day Memories

13 May

My Mom loved Snapdragons. I aways liked to buy her a flat of annuals (flowers) for Mother’s Day and then plant then in her garden.

My challenge, not everyone sells Snapdragons, especially during the second week of May. Other challenges, for four years I was away at college for Mother’s Day. For another four years I was in Barbados serving in the Peace Corps. For much of the past 30 years or so, I was often tied up with events with my own family, or helping my children celebrate Mother’s Day with my wife. However, most years either on Mother’s Day or within a week or two I would visit Mom and bring along a flat of flowers and then plant them in different sunny places around her yard.

Last year, was my first year without my Mom.  She passed away the prior December. So, my tradition with my Mom has ended. But I still see her in the flats of flowers at the flower markets and in the farmer’s markets.

This year, I saw her in the Geraniums that I bought for my wife.  I brought them home and planted them in our hanging baskets. Then together my wife and I decided how to arrange and hang them around our patio.

This lone hanging pot has waited since December for its new Geranium on Mother’s Day

I buy Geraniums almost every year for my wife for Mother’s Day. It is a special part of Spring.  I do not give her the flowers I would have given my Mom, but I do like buying and planting flowers for her. It makes me happy.

Mostly I grow fruit and vegetable with some herbs.  The flowers are for my wife and I glad she likes them. I smile when I see her out on the patio, snapping off the old blossoms, this to encourage new blossoms to bloom.

These Geraniums bloom the rest of the spring, all summer, all fall and often into November or even December. My wife tends them, occasionally I water them, but mostly I enjoy them and I enjoy watching my wife nurture them.

I hope each of you has special Mother’s Day memories and traditions. I hope they make you smile and help you to think or, to treasure, and to remember your Mom.

I have been blessed with a wonderful wife (the mother of my children), a wonderful mother and mother-in-law (who also loved flowers and gardening, and wonderful grandmothers who always had flowers in their house or in their gardens.

A happy Mother’s Day to all.

The picture above was from Christmas Day 2017, one year after Mom died, her light and memories flooded my father’s house as we prepared the Christmas meal. Thanks Mom. Happy Mother’s Day.

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